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1) what is a shell? 2) How to Throw the shell? 3) How Many Kinds of Shells Are There? Answers. 1) what is a shell? Shell Is A Material That Gives You Various Authorities On The Site It Is Uploaded. These Powers; Reading, Writing and Erasing Powers. shell Sometimes You Can Use the Powers of a Site Owner, Sometimes You Can Use the Privileges of the Server (Host) Owner. This Event is Called Permission Authority. You can read, delete or upload all files and folders you want on a server with permissions turned on. These Authorizations Are Limited If Their Permissions Are On A Closed Server. You Need to Root the Server to Reach Full Authority. In order to use a shell in the best way, it is necessary to know the shell commands well. The reason for this is that you have full authority on servers with limited access. Manual Transitions are Allowed on Many Servers. You can learn the username of other sites on the server from the Spoll / Mail section and make manual passes from the Address Bar. In some cases, the shell we have installed either has limited permissions on the site, or we can only have unlimited authority on the site we uploaded. If We Have Unlimited Authorization Here And If We Only Want To Exit Index And Exit, We Will Upload Our Index.html File. If Our Authorizations Are Restricted, We Can Access With SQL By Reaching and Reading Config Files on the Site ... shelli I Explain What We Use For And At Which Stages In Hacker Language Let's Move To Another Article. If there is a place in this article that you do not understand or want to be told again, please state it when you get the subject. 2) How to Throw the shell? Steps: * We Can Benefit From Remote File Iclusion Vulnerabilities * We Can Benefit From SQL Injection Vulnerabilities * We Can Install Using Exploits * We Can Benefit From Upload Deficits * We can benefit from Logger etc. Spy Software * We can open an account from the target server and install it * We Can Upload Using Social Engineering . So You Need To Know The System Of The Site You Will Install Shell



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